June 2019

#SOchats with Naomi  
Hello and welcome to our June SOchats. I’m Naomi Chaitkin Nimmo, the Executive Director.  We started this monthly chat room so we can answer your questions and talk about the orchestra and the response has been great!  Please keep the comments and questions coming. Thanks.
Q:  When will season tickets be mailed?
A: Sometime this summer and we will send you an email to let you know the tickets are in the mail.
Q: Can I buy season tickets online?
A: YES! Anyone can now buy season tickets on the website.  Following is the link to purchase tickets on line.
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Joke of the Month
Interviews with the Musicians
Abby Maynard
Abby Maynard
String Bass
Where are you from?
  • I was born here in Summerville and I lived here until I went off to college!
Tell us about your family.
  • My parents moved to Tennessee with me and they are both retail managers. Both of my grandmas live in Summerville and LOVE it when I come home to play in the concerts. I don’t come from a particularly musical family so they bear classical music just for me…sometimes.
Education and previous careers.
  • Right now, I am a senior music education major at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. No previous careers but hopefully I’ll have a future career as a music director, watch out Wojciech!
What is your day job?
  • During the day I practice, practice and in my free time, I practice.
What position do you hold with the Summerville Orchestra and what other activities do you do with the orchestra?
  • I am a double bassist and a while ago I played cello once or twice. I annoy the nice ladies in the office every once in a while. 😉
Why did you choose your instrument?
  • I was put in orchestra in 6th grade and I was not thrilled. I cried and cried and cried until my mom told me to suck it up and through some encouragement by my director, I ended up choosing bass. At the time, I was not happy with my choice but I, obviously, ended up loving it and now I plan on teaching it.
What do you like best about SO?
  • My favorite thing about SO is how welcoming they are when I come back. Even though I’m usually only in town for two days, I am greeted with hugs and big smiles every time!
If you could play any other instrument, which one would it be?
  • Probably trombone or bassoon. I have a mischievous side that often gets covered up by my bass-ness that I think the trombones could bring out and also, I like to be obnoxiously loud. I’m also full of hot air.
Besides music what are your favorite things to do?
  • I don’t have much “non-music” time but when I do I enjoy every minute I get to spend with my family and my sweet dog Buddy. I LOVE telling bad jokes, ask Naomi and Jan…