January 2018

#SOchats with Naomi  (Summerville Orchestra chats!)
Hello from defrosted Summerville and welcome to the newest addition to our orchestra family: #SOchats.  I’m Naomi Chaitkin Nimmo, the Executive Director.  We’re starting this monthly chat room so we can talk.  There are lots of questions and interest in everything the orchestra does but there often isn’t a time or place to answer all your questions.  UNTIL NOW!!  What do you want to know about the orchestra?  What has peaked your curiosity? So, ask away.  We have a lot of fun working with this orchestra and want you to have the inside scoop!
Of course, you all want to hear what Wojciech Milewski, our phenomenal Music Director, is up to.  This Wednesday, he will be entertaining and educating us with his Eine Kleine Music Lounge talks at the Library on Trolley Road.  If you haven’t been to one of these, you’re missing a fireside chat with a dear friend.  Wojciech makes music fun.  If you don’t like it, we’ll refund your money.  Oh wait, these monthly events are free!
The Encore Series will return on February 23 at Coastal Coffee Roasters.  This is a toe-tapping, happy, free event not to be missed.  FYI: No one gets paid to do the above events.  At the Encore Series, we do have a jar for donations that all go directly to the musicians playing that night.
On Mondays, you will find Wojciech at the Alston Middle School band room where he rehearses the orchestra.  Sorry, as much as you want to go, it is not open to the public.
Here are the two most popular questions:
Q:  What do I do if I’ve misplaced (euphemism for lost) my season tickets?  
A:  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  There are two ways to handle this: 
1) All ticket holders are on a list at the box office at every concert.  Just tell the box office volunteers your name and that you’ve misplaced your tickets and they will give you tickets for that night only; or 2) Call (843-873-5339) or email (office@summervilleorchestra.org) and tell us your name and that you’ve misplaced your tickets.  If you let us know at least a week before a concert, we will mail replacement tickets to you.  A week or less before a concert, please refer to 1) above.
Q:  How do you pick the music the orchestra plays?
A:  This is a really long answer so let’s start with Step 1.
A music committee chooses the music for the season.  It is made up of WojciechDean Glace, our principal trumpet, and librarian and vice-chairman of the Board; Jan Coldwell, our oboe, English horn, and bassoon player (she plays whichever instrument is needed) and she gives the popular Pre-Concert Talks; Gordon Tedeschi, our principal 2nd violinist and a retired orchestra conductor; and me (I have a Master’s in Music).  As you can see, each of the members of the committee has a different expertise within the orchestra and we all have years and years of musical and orchestral training.  We meet for months to come up with a season.  First, we have to pick dates, taking into account major holidays, hurricanes and ice storms, let alone availability of Summerville Baptist Church!  This is also when we start considering music and themes for the upcoming season.  Heads up!  This is where you come in – let us know any specific pieces you’d like us to play or any genre or composers.  We will continue this Chat next month.
Fun fact: The Summerville Orchestra is the only orchestra of any size in the country that plays classical and pops on every concert in its subscription season (per League of American Orchestras, the umbrella organization for all orchestras in the USA).
So, now it’s up to you to write (office@summervilleorchestra.org) or call (843-873-5339) and let us know what questions and/or musical suggestions you have.
Until next month…Naomi