August 2018

#SOchats with Naomi  
Hello and welcome to our August #SOchats.  I’m Naomi Chaitkin Nimmo, the Executive Director.  We started this monthly chat room so we can answer your questions and talk about the orchestra and the response has been great!  Please keep the comments and questions coming. Thanks.
Q:  When will we receive our season tickets?????
A:The tickets and brochures are at the printers. They will be mailed to you as soon as we get them back, hopefully by the last week of August. We are addressing and stamping the envelopes right now so we’ll be ready to stuff them and mail them to you asap.
Q:  When is the next Friends’ event?
A: The Friends of the Summerville Orchestra (FOSO) presents “Let’s Go to the Hop” on Friday, October 12, 2018, 6-10 PM at Summerville Country Club, 400 Country Club Blvd. There will be dinner, dancing, and entertainment. Don your 50s-60s dancing outfits and join the fun! $30 per person. Proceeds benefit the Summerville Orchestra. Tickets will be available online soon. For more information, please call Grace Strobel, President, at 843-821-6852
Q: We can’t go to one of the Friday night concerts to which we have tickets. How do we switch to Saturday?
A: Switching from either night to the other is easy. Call (843-873-5339) or email ( us and ask to switch nights. Be sure to give us your phone number on the message. The week of each concert, we will match up requests for changes and call you.
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Joke of the Month
A young child says to his mother, “Mom, when I grow up I’d like to be a musician.”
She replies, “Well honey, you know you can’t do both.”
Interviews with the Musicians
Our first husband and wife interview!
Ellen Dykeman, bassoon
Harry Dykeman, trumpet
Happy Anniversary 
Ellen and Harry  
45 years on August 14
Where are you from?
Harry grew up on Long Island, NY; Ellen grew up in a northern suburb of Chicago. We lived in various Chicago suburbs for almost 40 years until we moved to Summerville in June, 2015.
Tell us about your family.
We have one son, Nat (wife Kim) who lives in the Chicago area. We have two grand-kids, Quentin (age 6) and Kennedy (age 5).
Education and previous careers.
We met in 1971 when we were both students at University of Iowa. Harry earned his Bachelor of Music degree in 1973. Ellen didn’t quite finish her degree in Elementary Education at Iowa, but did earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Education in 1991 and a Master of Information Technology in 1999.
We got married in 1973 and lived for three years in Washington, DC where Harry played in The United States Army Band (Pershing’s Own), the top band in the US Army. Harry frequently played in the Herald Trumpets at the White House, Taps at the Tomb of the Unknown, Arlington Cemetery funerals, and at other ceremonies. Once his three-year enlistment was over, Harry worked for a six years for a music company in Chicago, promoting instrumental music in schools. He moved into computers sales, working 30 years in the technology industry. He retired in 2012 as the Vice President of Sales for a technology company.
Upon returning to Chicago, Ellen started working as a computer programmer at a large corporation. After years going up the corporate ladder, she decided that she wanted to teach. She worked for 16 years a Professor of Computer Information Technology at a local college, retiring in 2014.
What is your day job? 
What position do you hold with the Summerville Orchestra and what other activities do you do with the orchestra?
Harry plays trumpet and is the Members’ Board secretary. Ellen plays bassoon.
What other musical things do you do?
We play in the Charleston Community Band, where we both serve on the Board of Directors. We also play in the College of Charleston Wind Ensemble, and Harry plays in the Southcoast Orchestra, Charleston Community Jazz Band, and the Low Country Big Band. Harry takes lessons from Tony Marti, CSO principal trumpet and Ellen is a student of Josh Baker, CSO principal bassoon. We volunteer with the music programs at Charleston School of the Arts and Berkeley High School.
Why did you choose your instrument?
Harry: There was already a trumpet in the house, so I decided to start playing it.
Ellen: I started playing flute in 5th grade and when I got to high school I found myself sitting at the end of a 22-member flute section. The band director asked the band if anyone wanted to learn how to play the bassoon. I didn’t even know what a bassoon was…but I knew I had to get out of that flute section.
I used school bassoons through college but once we left Iowa in 1973 I couldn’t afford to buy one. I hadn’t played for 40 years (!) when I mentioned to the band director at the college where I taught that I used to play the bassoon; he told me the college has one and I could use it. I played with the college’s concert band for a year (starting out remembering how to finger, maybe, five notes) until we moved to Summerville. I bought a bassoon before we moved here so I could continue to play.
What do you like best about SO?
We learn so much about orchestral music every time we play with the orchestra. And we feel so fortunate that we can play in SO together.